Rabbis for Human Rights : Last Week in the Field: A Partial Report from the Olive Harvest

Every year Rabbis for Human Rights works with Palestinian farmers to ensure they are able to complete their olive harvest free from violence and intimidation by Jewish extremists and unfair restrictions from the Israeli army. See below for a quick summary of olive harvested-related issues and successes from last week (October 22-28 2017). Additionally, see here to read about the scourge of theft that marred the opening weeks of the harvest...
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Rabbis for Human Rights : High Court on demolition & displacement of Dkeika

PRESS RELEASE | July 4 2017

The historic Palestinian-Bedouin village Dkeika in the South Hebron Hills is facing demolition and displacement, as the State insists the pre-1967 historic village must be forcibly transferred by March 2018. The High Court will hear the case on July 17, 9am. Rabbis for Human Rights calls for an international presence at the hearing.



*Dkeika is an unrecognized Palestinian-Bedouin village of more than 300 residents in the South Hebron Hills. The village is currently in danger of demolition and forcible transfer.

*The future of the village is likely to be decided in a High Court hearing on July 17, 2017…..

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RABBIS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS : Is a Gazan cancer patient carrying explosives a threat to the promotion of human rights?

Rabbis for Human Rights is horrified by the use of cancer treatments as a means of transporting explosives into Israel, and hopes the circumstances of this incident will become clear soon. Although we have no expectations from extremist organizations, they have seriously endangered the possibility of medical treatment for the many ill patients in Gaza —  their own people….


R.J. de Vries


Rabbis for Human Rights : The Fight Against Human Trafficking

“..as we read the dvar Torah of Rabbi Gail Diamond to Parashat Ki Teitzei, we are reminded that sex slavery and human trafficking are tragedies that persist across the centuries, from biblical times to modern day Israel. What is being done to combat these atrocious abuses of human rights? ..”