Galizien 1868 : Der Fluch des Rabbiners , der “ Cherem “ als letzte Konsequenz


Aus : Die Debatte, 15.1.1868, Seite 2 (OENB-Anno)



Weiterlesen : Der Morgen – Wiener Morgenblatt – 31.1.1927, Seite 4 (OENB-Anno)


Oben : Linzer Zeitung , 3.April 1844, Seite 3 (OENB-Anno)

Nachlese :

Rabbinerin Antje Yael Deusel :    Cherem (Jüdische Allgemeine )

חרם- ויקיפדיה

1882 : Einige Bemerkungen über Jaffa und Jerusalem – Die Neuzeit, 31.3.1882-Seite 2 (OENB-Anno)

1918 : Der “ Cherem “ in Suwalki – Rabbinischer Bannfluch gegen Lebensmittelspekulanten und Wucherer- Jüdische Korrespondenz 7.11.1918 (OENB-Ann0)

Baruch de Spinoza (Wikipedia)Ebenfalls 1927 erklärte Joseph Klausner, ordentlicher Professor für hebräische Literatur an der Hebrew University in Jerusalem, das jüdische Volk habe mit dem Cherem gegen Spinoza eine schreckliche Sünde begangen und solle den Ketzer-Bannfluch aufheben. Aus seiner Rede: „Spinoza, dem Juden, rufen wir … zu: …(Wikipedia)

The Text of Spinoza’s Excommunication


Why Baruch Spinoza is still excommunicated ( THE JEWISH CHRONICLE)



Ben Sira’s ethical teachings and his attitude towards women….

Ben Sira (aka Jesus son of Sirach ) – a misogynist ?

 Ben Sira, Chapter 25 : (Women – Evil and Virtuous)

12 Worst of all wounds is that of the heart, worst of all evils is that of a woman.
13 Worst of all sufferings is that from one’s foes, worst of all vengeance is that of one’s enemies:
14 No poison worse than that of a serpent, no venom greater than that of a woman.
15 With a dragon or a lion I would rather dwell than live with an evil woman.
16 Wickedness changes a woman’s looks, and makes her sullen as a female bear.
17 When her husband sits among his neighbors, a bitter sigh escapes him unawares.

Ben Sira, Chapter 26 :

5 There are three things at which my heart quakes, a fourth before which I quail:
Though false charges in public, trial before all the people, and lying testimony are harder to bear than death,
6 A jealous wife is heartache and mourning and a scourging tongue like the other three.
7 A bad wife is a chafing yoke; he who marries her seizes a scorpion.
8 A drunken wife arouses great anger, for she does not hide her shame.
9 By her eyelids and her haughty stare an unchaste wife can be recognized.
10 Keep a strict watch over an unruly wife, lest, finding an opportunity, she make use of it;
11 Follow close if her eyes are bold, and be not surprised if she betrays you:
12 As a thirsty traveler with eager mouth drinks from any water that he finds,
So she settles down before every tent peg and opens her quiver for every arrow.


The Jewniverse   : “…believe it or not, the fact that the prophet Jeremiah is both Ben Sira’s father and grandfather is not the weirdest thing about him. ….”

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