Rabbis for Human Rights : Tree planting in the occupied territories with Palestinians!

Extremist settlers  try to destroy their agriculture  — but this Friday Israelis, Jews, and Palestinians will come together in the Jewish spirit of Tu B’Shevat to replant!

Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish holiday for tree planting, has just passed but the spirit of the holiday remains with us. This Friday we will honor its meaning and remember how we are obligated to treat the “stranger” by  joining a Palestinian village in the Northern West Bank for a special solidarity tree planting.


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Rabbis for Human Rights : Court’s Message: Violent attacks on human rights workers are worth it

Before leaving Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), Rabbi Arik Ascherman, then serving as RHR’s president, experienced a violent attack which was filmed by our field director Zakaria Sadah. This Saturday night (December 16th) the Magistrate’s Court in Petach Tikvah ruled that the youth will not be handed a criminal sentence…..



Rabbis for Human Rigths : Our father Abraham would speak out against Lieberman

Rabbis for Human Rights strongly condemns Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s statement calling for the boycott of Arab residents of Wadi Ara following a handful of violence…..


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Joods Actueel : 13 jaar na overlijden Arafat: Geen enkel bewijs voor vergiftiging van Palestijnse leider door Israël

Alle verhalen over een mogelijke vergiftiging van Yasser Arafat ten spijt, blijkt er na grondig onderzoek geen enkel bewijs te zijn dat dit verhaal gebaseerd is op enige waarheid. Vandaag, 13 jaar na de feiten, is het duidelijk dat de wetenschappellijke onderzoeken geen substantieel bewijs hiervoor hebben kunnen vinden….

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Rabbis for Human Rights : Some Israelis think human rights are incompatible with Judaism. They’re wrong

We must reject the false choice between giving up on our traditions and accepting narrow, tribal, and racist interpretations of Judaism.

By Yariv Mohar

Judaism and humanism are increasingly seen as diametrically opposed in Israel today. Labor Party chairman Avi Gabbay’s recent remarks, in which he echoed Netanyahu’s infamous comment that “the Left has forgotten what it means to be Jewish,” thrust back into the public discourse the sad and false notion that Judaism is incompatible with the belief in equality of all human beings…

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Rabbis for Human Rights : Last Week in the Field: A Partial Report from the Olive Harvest

Every year Rabbis for Human Rights works with Palestinian farmers to ensure they are able to complete their olive harvest free from violence and intimidation by Jewish extremists and unfair restrictions from the Israeli army. See below for a quick summary of olive harvested-related issues and successes from last week (October 22-28 2017). Additionally, see here to read about the scourge of theft that marred the opening weeks of the harvest...
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Rabbis for Human Rights : High Court on demolition & displacement of Dkeika

PRESS RELEASE | July 4 2017

The historic Palestinian-Bedouin village Dkeika in the South Hebron Hills is facing demolition and displacement, as the State insists the pre-1967 historic village must be forcibly transferred by March 2018. The High Court will hear the case on July 17, 9am. Rabbis for Human Rights calls for an international presence at the hearing.



*Dkeika is an unrecognized Palestinian-Bedouin village of more than 300 residents in the South Hebron Hills. The village is currently in danger of demolition and forcible transfer.

*The future of the village is likely to be decided in a High Court hearing on July 17, 2017…..

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