Jüdisches Museum Hohenems : Holy War in Judaism

By courtesy of  Yitzchak M. Feuerstein & Jüdisches Museum Hohenems


Professor Reuven Firestone lecturing

From Militancy to Quietism and Back Again. Many people have peculiar impression about Judaism and war: “Jews don`t fight” is one. Another is: “The God of the Jews is a violent and vengeful God (as opposed to the “God of love” of the Christians), and that God demands bloody wars.” The truth is more complicated than either of these impressions. In fact, Judaism began as a very militant religion. Jews were considered prized mercenaries during the Second Temple period and occupied garrisons for the Persian emperor in Egypt (1)  and elsewhere. But Judaism changed radically in late Antiquity and is going through another radical change in the modern period. Why the Changes, and how can a religion alter its position on such a basic issue of war and violence? These are issues that we will study in this session…”

Complete lecture (video footage ) –>  HERE <- Videoaufzeichnung des Vortrags

(1) The Jewish garrison in Elephantine

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Rabbis for Human Rights : The Fight Against Human Trafficking

“..as we read the dvar Torah of Rabbi Gail Diamond to Parashat Ki Teitzei, we are reminded that sex slavery and human trafficking are tragedies that persist across the centuries, from biblical times to modern day Israel. What is being done to combat these atrocious abuses of human rights? ..”



Rabbi Walter Rothschild in Hohenems (A)

From: Markus Yitzhak Feuerstein
Sent: Saturday, November 7, 2015 10:47 PM
To: Peter Kraus
Subject: Rabbi Walter Rothschild

Schawua tov Peter.

Im Jüdischen Museum ist immer etwas los. Hier ist alles so konstruktiv und aufbauend.

Ich bin von Rabbi Walter Rothschild begeistert. Er erzählte uns vieles, über die Geschichte und Gegenwart der Eisenbahnen im Orient und in Israel.

Hier ein paar Bilder.

Schawua tov


Videos zum Vortrag bei  YouTube abrufbar – > HIER klicken !!

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