Ben Sira’s ethical teachings and his attitude towards women….

Ben Sira (aka Jesus son of Sirach ) – a misogynist ?

 Ben Sira, Chapter 25 : (Women – Evil and Virtuous)

12 Worst of all wounds is that of the heart, worst of all evils is that of a woman.
13 Worst of all sufferings is that from one’s foes, worst of all vengeance is that of one’s enemies:
14 No poison worse than that of a serpent, no venom greater than that of a woman.
15 With a dragon or a lion I would rather dwell than live with an evil woman.
16 Wickedness changes a woman’s looks, and makes her sullen as a female bear.
17 When her husband sits among his neighbors, a bitter sigh escapes him unawares.

Ben Sira, Chapter 26 :

5 There are three things at which my heart quakes, a fourth before which I quail:
Though false charges in public, trial before all the people, and lying testimony are harder to bear than death,
6 A jealous wife is heartache and mourning and a scourging tongue like the other three.
7 A bad wife is a chafing yoke; he who marries her seizes a scorpion.
8 A drunken wife arouses great anger, for she does not hide her shame.
9 By her eyelids and her haughty stare an unchaste wife can be recognized.
10 Keep a strict watch over an unruly wife, lest, finding an opportunity, she make use of it;
11 Follow close if her eyes are bold, and be not surprised if she betrays you:
12 As a thirsty traveler with eager mouth drinks from any water that he finds,
So she settles down before every tent peg and opens her quiver for every arrow.


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